About the Student Philanthropy Initiative

As you think about your Wofford career, we ask that you take a moment to reflect upon the experiences and opportunities you have had as a student. We want all Wofford students to have the opportunities you have had.

As a student body, you can help us make that happen and have the chance to impact future Wofford students. Start building your Wofford legacy now by joining your fellow classmates in making a gift to The Wofford Fund or Terrier Club and give back to the funds that have made your Wofford experience possible!  Below are the suggested giving levels for each class, although gifts of any size are welcome.

Seniors $20.18
Juniors      $15.19
Sophomores $10.20
Freshmen $5.21

In addition to the satisfaction of joining the thousands of alumni who continue Wofford’s legacy year after year, each student who participants will get the following (prizes change often, check back to see what this month's incentive will be):

The first 30 students to donate at their recommended giving level will receive a pair of Wofford embossed leather coasters!



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