Sandor Teszler Library Gallery



The Sandor Teszler Library is now POETS' LIBRARY in celebration of National Poetry Month (April 2015) and National Library Week (April 12-18).


APRIL 1 - MAY 31, 2015

Native Tongues Poetry Reading: 4-5:30 pm. Thursday, April 2

Poetry and Poets from Special Collections: 2:30-4:30 pm, Wednesday, April 15

Poem in Your Pocket: Thursday, April 30


Martha Cloud Chapman Gallery


Studio Art Senior Capstones:

Featured artists are Kaylea Bolinger, Victoria DaSilva and Katie Harmon. 


APRIL 6 - MAY 18, 2015

Artist Talk & Reception: 2-3:30 pm, Thursday, May 7


Slide Room Gallery


Counteracting Islamophobia through Couture

As an American Muslim, the amount of Islamophobia in our country is alarming, frightening, and really quite frustrating. It is so difficult to sit by and watch my fellow Americans cruelly and unfairly spew hatred on a religion I treasure enormously. How can I show Americans that Islam is a religion that teaches peace, kindness, mercy, and compassion towards all? This question brought to mind a subject I was studying in one of my classes: the influence of Islam on medieval European society. The interaction between Muslims and Christians of the time was beautiful and refreshing when compared to our societies today: there was a peaceful and mutually beneficial exchange of ideas in science, philosophy, literature, and art. The Christian art of this time was especially interesting as I discovered that many early Renaissance paintings depicted “Pseudo-Arabic” writing on the cloaks and halos of the Virgin Mary and other notable saints. The idea to bring this beautiful time of peace and harmony between the two religions back to the present via breathtaking couture proved irresistible to me. The goal of this installation is to illustrate the absolute beauty that can be achieved when two seemingly different cultures and ideologies are fused together.

This fashion collection meshes Western silhouettes of sweeping gowns and structured skirts with Eastern-inspired robes, embroidered jackets, and velvet skirts in bold, sumptuous colors such as crimson, midnight blue, royal purple, and gold. Channeling the early Renaissance paintings’ use of “Pseudo-Arabic” script, the famous mystic Rumi’s legendary poems of love and harmony are featured on the borders of the robes. Glittering “halo” headpieces are featured as an homage to the halos commonly present in both Christian and Islamic art.

The inspiration wall consists of stunning portraits of Ottoman sultans (featured in some of the garments), close-ups of the “Pseudo-Arabic” script decorating robes and halos in Early Renaissance paintings, photos of Mihrimah Sultan, one of the most powerful and influential Sultana during the reign of the Ottomans, juxtaposed with images of the equally influential Mary, as well as images of geometric and arabesque patterns in vivid colors, indicative of Islamic Art. 


APRIL 26 - MAY 15, 2015


Great Oaks Hall Rotunda


5th Annual Juried Student Art Exhibit

Drawings, paintings, and other works by 25 students were selected for inclusion in this year's exhibition. The juror for this year's event was Amy Holbein, a Spartanburg-area painter and former adjunct instructor of studio art at Wofford.