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Art & Art History Students

Jordan WisemanFeatured Alumna: Jordan Wiseman

Jordan Wiseman graduated from Wofford in the spring of 2017 with degrees in art history and history. She now is pursuing her Masters in Arts Management at American University in Washington, D.C. During the fall of 2018, she will begin her second and final year at AU and also will take on a fellowship at the Strathmore Arts Center in Bethesda, Maryland. “The arts management program is the perfect program of study to prepare me for a career in arts administration,” Wiseman says, “and I am so happy with my decision to continue my education immediately after graduating Wofford.”

What led you to study art history at Wofford? 

I took an art history class online in high school, ironically to escape the arts because I am not gifted at creating art and didn’t want to take a painting or music class. I immediately fell in love with art history through this class. I was fairly confident that I wanted to pursue art history when I got to Wofford, but any doubts I may have had went away once I got into the classroom. My first class was Islamic Art, and I felt so at home when the first image was displayed and we began discussing various features of the work. It was a far more enriching and engaging experience than my high school online class, as we were able to all look at the same image, develop different thoughts, share them with each other and really have a hand in directing the conversation toward what interested us most.

How did your studies here help to prepare you for your current endeavors and for a future in arts management?

First and foremost, I was impressed by how well-prepared I was for graduate school. The work load and expectations were not intimidating at all because of the intensive classes I had taken in the Wofford Department of Art and Art History. I also learned to read and write critically, and while it may sound simple, I learned how to make thoughtful contributions in class that help steer discussion to a place that is lively and engaging. While at Wofford, I didn’t realize how important that would become, but it truly helps you to stand out among classmates who went to much larger schools that didn’t place such an emphasis on participation and engagement. Additionally and importantly, the internship opportunities that I had while studying at Wofford were truly exceptional. I was able to narrow down my interests from arts administration in general to marketing and development because I was given the opportunity to work for organizations such as The Johnson Collection and the West Main Artists Co-op. This wouldn’t have been possible without the Wofford art history faculty – particularly Dr. Karen Goodchild, who was so willing to reach out to organizations on my behalf and to create opportunities for me that would not have existed otherwise. 

Elizabeth LindsayFeatured Student: Elizabeth Lindsey

A member of the Wofford Class of 2020 from Birmingham, Alabama, Elizabeth Lindsey is pursuing a double major in art history and theatre. As a high school student, Lindsey was a semi-professional ballet dancer in a repertory ballet company, and she was drawn to Wofford in large part because of the college’s ever-increasing commitment to the arts, a commitment made manifest with the opening of the new Rosalind Sallenger Richardson Center for the Arts in 2017.

What inspired you to pursue a degree in art history at Wofford?

From a young age, I had an interest in and an appreciation for art. Two of my aunts worked in creative industries, and both have a strong knowledge of art history. I would spend hours looking through their massive art history books, and they would tell me the stories behind individual pieces of art and about why art was so important. I would spend hours in museums with my dad, which also helped to build the basic foundation of my fascination with art. When I took my first art history class here at Wofford, I learned that the major encompassed almost all of my interests: history, art, culture, travel, visual analysis/interpretation, creativity and so on. Therefore, majoring in art history just felt like the right path for me to take.

What do you like most about the art history program at Wofford?

The professors are phenomenal and passionate about what they are teaching, and all of the art we study is incredibly influential to humanity and civilization. I also appreciate that the department encourages its students to go abroad and supports their efforts to do so; they are very accommodating with making abroad credit hours work for the art history major. I definitely plan to go abroad; I cannot wait to actually see firsthand the art that I have studied. Paris and Moscow are the two cities at the top of my list at the moment, but I really want to go everywhere.

What do you plan to do after graduation, and how will your studies in art history help you to pursue these goals?

After graduation, I hope to go into the theatre and film industries as an actor. I have always wanted to be involved in a creative and active industry. Last summer, I interned with a film production company called Smuggler in New York and fell in love with the fast-paced energy of the business. A background in art history is going to be incredibly helpful in this field, as it brings a unique perspective to acting. When I was in the sixth grade, a professional actor came to my school’s career day. He pointed to a poster of a painting on the wall and told everyone to look at it. Then he asked us, “What is the person in the painting trying to say? What is this person telling us?” He explained that the job of an actor was to find out what the person in that painting was saying and then to embody it. Of course, majors in both art history and theatre encompass so much more than that, but that is the essence of what I love so much about my two majors. In a way, acting is art history in action.

Honors received at Honors Day:

Sarah Baldwin: Was given our Departmental Honors in Art and Art History. Sarah also received the Whetsell Fellowship, which she completed this academic year. She will teach art and art history at Christ School in Asheville.

Mills Brown: Was inducted into Phi Beta Kappa, She has been awarded a scholarship to pursue an MFA at American University. She was also our Johnson Collection Intern this year

Margaret Carraway: Was awarded The Global Citizen Award for her work with international students. She will teach for Teach For America in Alabama

Victoria da Silva: Was inducted into Phi Beta Kappa. She will begin work for Wells Fargo Bank .

Katie Harmon: Was awarded the Walt Hudgins Award. Katie also was our departmental nominee for the presidential Seminar. She will teach school in the Bronx, NY, and has received a grant to begin study towards her Masters in Teaching.

Alex Hunt: Alex was awarded the Rivers Award for her extracurricular work at Wofford exemplifying gentleness and character.

Sari Imber: Received the W. Norman Cochran Award for her work as editor of the Old Gold and black, which won 7 awards this year. She will move to Texas for a year-long paid internship in interior design

Amanda Liguori: (graduated 2014) Was inducted into Phi Beta Kappa. She is finishing a year-long internship at the Smithsonian.

Chad Sauvola: Was awarded Departmental Honors in Biology and was inducted into Phi Beta Kappa. Chad has received a full scholarship for graduate study in neuroscience at MIT. He completed a summer internship at MIT in 2014

Other good news for our seniors:

Laurel Grace Bouye: Has been accepted into a graduate program in Bordeaux, France at the Université Bordeaux Montaigne to study art history.

Mary Katherine Keiser: Has accepted a job working for Ahlers and Ogletree Auction Gallery in Atlanta, Georgia.

Jay Lloyd will undertake a one-year Dental Fellowship with Dr. Jim Curtis, head of the SC Dental Residency program, at Palmetto Health Richland in Columbia, SC.

Mills Reigel will undertake an internship at the New Gallery in Modern Art in Charlotte, NC this summer. She was accepted into the Art History Masters program at University of South Carolina , but has deferred to Fall 2016 in order to Accept a job at Hall & Webb event coordinating in Charlotte, NC.

Lelia Elizabeth Smith will begin a paid internship for the congressionally-funded foundation, The Victims of Communism Memorial, in Washington, DC.

Katy Ward will move to Florida to teach for City Year, a program similar to Teach for America.