Preservation Efforts
Benjamin Wofford Before RestorationBejamin Wofford After Treatment
Before Restoration                  After Restoration       

The portrait collection of Wofford College represents some of the best work produced in Spartanburg during the later part of the nineteenth and the early twentieth century. Despite its importance, the collection had been somewhat neglected, but in 1991 a group of campus faculty and administrators and interested friends of the college formed an organization to promote the restoration of the portraits. The work is tedious and expensive, but the paintings are well worth the effort, both as an institutional collection featuring representative Southern portrait artists, and for the prominence of their subjects in the history of Spartanburg and South Carolina education. The effort has now been expanded to an ongoing comprehensive preservation project for other parts of the Wofford collections.

The first portrait to undergo treatment in 1992 was that of College founder Benjamin Wofford painted by William K. Barclay in 1844 (see above). The restoration work was performed by the North Carolina Museum of Art's conservation service and their documentation of the treatment is representative of the work performed on other paintings in the collection.  View the Restoration Stages.