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William C. Preston

Benjamin Wofford
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E. C. Burnett, III

Benjamin Wofford
By Hugh Gilman
Library, Conference Room

Benjamin Wofford was born on October 19, 1780, two or three hundred yards southeast of the Tyger River. He was the son of Joseph Wofford, a Captain in the American forces of the Revolution, and Martha Llwellyn, a deeply religious woman who deliberately chose the Methodist faith over any other. On July 30, 1807, the preacher married Miss Anna Todd and left his active religious work. Upon her death on October 2, 1835, Wofford received her father’s inheritance, which he managed and grew into a large part of his fortune. On September 6, 1836, Wofford married Miss Maria Sevier Barron, who remained by his side until his death on December 2, 1850. During his life, Wofford realized that the responsibility of being rich imposed the obligation to use his wealth for worthy and unselfish purposes. As a result, he assigned on his will $100,000 (an extremely large sum for the time) for the purpose of establishing and endowing a college, an idea that is believed to have been planted in his mind by his first wife (source).