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A Green Season (II)

A Green Season (III)
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A Green Season (IV)

A Green Season (III)
By Mayo Mac Boggs (2007)
Across from the library

Designed as a piece of environmental art, the playful welded and painted steel sculpture is set in a wooded area across the campus drive from the Sandor Teszler Library. The sculpture incorporates the trees in the location, drawing attention to the space, and perhaps changing the way a person would look at it. The simple shapes in green suggest leaves, tree growth, seed pods and natural forms. The sculptor intends for the pieces to recede in prominence during the summer, and then reappear as the leaves change color and drop in fall and winter. Boggs’ sculpture group is a gift to the college from Wofford professors Linda Powers, Ana María Wiseman and Dennis Wiseman, and retired Wofford professor Victor Bilanchone.