Student taking picture of artwork

Fine Arts Study Abroad

Emilie DeTreville in Park Guell

The benefits of studying abroad in Barcelona are numerous in areas ranging from academics to social and travel. To actually get to live in a city among what you have learned about in classes is an experience that I feel those who study art history should have. You see it everyday and can better understand the circumstances in which it was created. By living in Barcelona, I also got to learn so much about Spanish art which is an area of art that you don't have an opportunity to fully explore at Wofford. I strongly recommend traveling to Barcelona!

- Emilie DeTreville, Class of 2008

Sarah at Temple Ruins in Rome

The best thing about studying abroad in Rome, at least from an academic standpoint, is the close proximity to centuries of art. During my time abroad I went to museums on the way home from class, I passed the Colosseum everyday on my bus ride to class. I could get to Florence in less than two hours so that I could visit the Uffizzi. My experience in Rome was truly wonderful because I was surrounded by such a high concentration of art.

I've also done two travel interims with Dr. Schmunk. On those trips, you have a local guide to tell you about what you are seeing as well as the added benefit of 24 other well-educated Wofford students, two professors and at least a week’s worth of prior study to enhance the experience far beyond your average tour of an historical site.

-Sarah McClure, Class of 2008

Lindy Bunch in Freiburg

I chose Freiburg because of its central location in Europe as well as for its total immersion program through IES.  As a German major as well as History and Art History, it was important to me to be able to improve my German as well as keep up with my other course work.  All of the classes I took while in Germany were applied to my GPA.  In addition to the course work, studying abroad allowed me to actually see all of the art I have been learning about.  In one of my courses, instead of just reading about the Isenheim Altarpiece, we were able to travel 30 minutes to Colmer, France, and view it.  I was able to climb to the top of the Kölner Dom and fully appreciate the heights of Gothic architecture.

-Lindy Bunch, Class of 2009

Amelia Wilson in France

I am studying in Aix-en-Provence, France, the home of Paul Cezanne and Emile Zola. My first weekend here I went to climb the mountain Cezanne painted 88 times, Mt. St. Victiore. Many artists loved and still love to come to Provence because the light is superior and because the atmosphere is so thin. After living here for 2 months, I agree! Il fiat beau. Everywhere you look there is an image waiting to be put on canvas.

-Amelia Wilson, Class of 2009