Art History Students presenting to class

Art History Alumni News

Jennifer Bridges, Class of '01 

I began interning at a non-profit co-op gallery in Richmond while attending graduate school at VCU. I helped to mount 20-30 different shows a year from artists from all over the world. I got my Master's at VCU in art history and I would say that my studies at Wofford put me a step ahead in my program.I became the executive administrator at the gallery and interacted with tons of artists and curators, and collaborated as a co-curator for a biennial regional outdoor sculpture exhibition.
I moved into the museum field after graduating from VCU, where I began working at the Valentine Richmond History Center, cataloging, identifying, and conserving objects in their collection. The museum was beginning its digitization program, capturing images of every object in its collection for inventory purposes as well as launching a digital catalogue of their collection on the web to increase public access. I am now the Assistant Manager of Photographic Archives at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. I manage images (slides, negatives, prints, digital files, etc.) of every object in the collection. I "clean up" digital images of our objects for curatorial lectures, museum press relations, and outside publishers. I also supply images for researchers and conservationists. It's an interesting job in that you work with researchers and publishers, and you have a firm grasp on the inventory of the museum's collection. Classes in Photoshop, digital imaging, and archives are incredibly beneficial. The greatest part about my job is that every museum in the world is launching a digitization program, so jobs aren't hard to come by! It's incredibly flexible and I love what I do.

Helen Roper, Class of '01 

I have practiced law since graduation from the University of South Carolina School of Law in 2004. For just over two and a half years, I practiced as a residential real estate closing attorney. Recently, I've decided to practice in the areas of criminal defense and family law. I am also an associate attorney with the Law Offices of Jim Brown, PA. Jim Brown in a 1993 Wofford graduate.

Through my study of Art History, I came to understand the importance of learning and using the language of my field of study. Knowledge of the terms and vocabulary used in a particular course of study brings life and depth to written and spoken works. Mastering the language of your field, trade, or profession gives credibility to your work.

Emma Manning, Class of '04 

I now work for the I’On Group in Mt. Pleasant, SC. We are a real estate development group that focuses on a New Urbanist approach to development as opposed to sprawl. We build more organic communities based on human scales. While at Wofford, Dr. Schmunk taught us the principles behinf the New Urbanist approach to development through neighborhoods such as Seaside and Celebration. It turns out that the owner of the company I work for used to work for Duany Plater-Zyberk. He has tried to emulate their ideals in his communities. Our classes in architecture at Wofford have helped me tremendously in understanding human scale and the history behind certain details of homes.

Beverly Wiltberger, Class of '07 

I graduated in May of 2007 with a degree in Art History. My knowledge of Art History allowed me to work at The Arts Partnership of Greater Spartanburg as an Arts Education Assistant. I was able to write catalogues of exhibits for teachers, as well as write proposals. I recently was promoted to Audience Services Manager which allows me to use my knowledge of Art History on a daily basis as well as gain knowledge of music, theatre, ballet, history, and science.