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Classes Without Quizzes 



Classes Without Quizzes 

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 A. The Guitar of Spain and the New World (John Akers) - McMillan Theater

B. The Dark Knight Dominates: Why Batman Is America’s Most Popular Superhero (A. K. Anderson) - Main 202

C. The 50th Anniversary of the JFK Assassination: Preparing for the Onslaught (Gerald Ginocchio) - Main 122

D. Political Fallacies in a Time of Political Follies (Jim Keller) - Main 204

E. Earth Warming: Yes; Man-Made: No (Frank Machovec) - Daniel 218

F. Obamacare and Health Care Reform in America (Bob Moss) - RMSC 326

G. The 1940 Census: Where was your family in 1940? (Linda Powers) - Olin 220

H. The Magic Before The Mouse: Florida’s Golden Age of Tourism, 1945-1971 (Tracy Revels) - CANCELLED

I. The Medieval Pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela: Then and Now (Peter Schmunk) - Daniel 204

J. South Carolina and the Coming of the Civil War (Phillip Stone) - Main 102

K. The Tango as Icon of National Identity (Ana Maria Wiseman) - CANCELLED

L. The Wofford Sports Network Is On The Air (Mark Hauser and Thom Henson) - CANCELLED

M. My Hips Don’t Lie – and neither do yours: A Yoga Workshop (Kay Weathers ’03) - Richardson Dance Studio