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Alumni Executive Council (AEC)

October 11, 2013 (9am - 4pm) Montgomery Room, Burwell Building 

AEC Members  

17 Ways You Can Help Wofford Without Giving A Dime 

Serving as the governing body of the Wofford College National Alumni Association, the Alumni Executive Council seeks to create a greater awareness and visibility for the college as one of the very best institutions in America today.  By setting a positive and visible example, each AEC member has an opportunity to inspire other alumni to greater service by stimulating a permanent and informed interest in the college, encouraging financial and moral support, perpetuating friendships formed during the college years, and promoting the cause of Christian higher education.

While selection to the AEC may take into account geographic and professional diversity among those alumni being considered, potential members are also considered on the basis of their demonstrated participation within the Wofford College National Alumni Association.  Talent and ability among potential members to lead the National Alumni Association in innovative and decisive ways are key attributes considered for this important role.

For more information about the AEC, please contact Charlie Gray, Director of Continuing Education/External Relations at 864-597-4186 or Charlie.Gray@Wofford.edu.