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Tripp Lee

Class Year: 1990
News: Football. Faith. Fellowship.The way to a man’s heart may be through his stomach, but sports are surely a close second.  Men from Holy Comforter use this two-prong approach in spending more time together and providing opportunities to build lasting friendships with their sons and other young men of the parish. A group of fifteen men from Holy Comforter set out October 24th toward Wofford College to take in a football game between the Terriers and the #5 ranked Chattanooga Catamounts. Organized by the Rev. Charlie Walton (’67) and led by his son-in-law, Tripp Lee (’90), the Rev. Marcus Kaiser, Deacon Postulant Phil Osborne, and Youth Minister David Marten were also joined by two other fathers in the parish.  Sons and grandsons rounded out the group with several other young men intentionally included. “Sometimes a father can’t be there for his son all the time,” Lee offered. “Some Dads have to work on the weekends -- we’ve even got some father’s deployed in defense of this great country of ours. This is a great way for some of us to step in and bridge that ‘Father Gap’ for some of the other men in our church family.”David Marten, Holy Comforter Youth Minister explained that “The church needs events where fathers and sons have a good time together and every mentor relationship needs a foundation, a common experience. What’s a better experience than four hours in a bus with burgers and football?”Mindful that you can’t visit Spartanburg without experiencing the Beacon Drive-In the august group rolled in at 11AM for full helpings “A-Plenty” before making their way to Gibbs Field for the game. Time spent in the stands afforded great conversation, excitement and fun for all. “It’s really heartwarming to see men and young men have a good time and demonstrate their Christian faith,” Fr. Walton said.“We can’t assume that a young man’s father is readily available. How can we the church improve our ministry to these young men? Not every father is going to be a mentor and teach their son the faith, but every son needs a mentor to teach him the faith,” Marten added.Wofford put forth a mighty effort and held the nationally-ranked Catamounts at bay only to succumb to a walk-off, game-winning field goal by the ‘Cats in the final seconds. The group made their way onto the field after the game for a group photo. Nick Sporinsky was celebrating his 40th birthday that same day and just had to have one taken with him straddling the 40-yard line! Continuing the “foodie” theme, the Holy Comforter group made their way back to Sumter but “just had to stop” at the Smashburger in Columbia for supper. “I have never seen a group of men more willing to create a positive church experience for young men, both their sons and others,” Marten concluded.