2015 Wofford Alumni couple on lawn in front of Old Main

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Ashley Elizabeth Price

Class Year: 2009
News: Considering that Wofford is such a small school, it is incredible to see how many of our alumni go on to graduate from professional school. This year was no exception. Pictured below are the majority of Wofford Alumni who graduated from MUSC College of Dental Medicine and College of Medicine. Back row from left to right: Dr. Thomas Player,DMD ’08; Dr. Nelson Seabrook, MD ’09; Dr. Lash Springs,MD ’08; Dr. Jordan Rawl, MD ’10; Dr. Andrew Bellebaum, DMD ’10; Dr. Erika Bishop. MD ’10; Dr. Charles Moore, DMD ’02; Dr. Trey Bingham, MD ’09; Bottom Row from left to right: Dr. Mackie Talley, MD ’08; Dr. Lauren Pinckney, MD ’10, Dr. Ashley Price, DMD ’09; Dr. Laura Murray, MD ’08; Dr. Nika Guy, DMD ’08Not pictured: Dr. Jason Wood, DMD’ 09, Dr. Tiffany Lovelace, DMD ’10; Dr. Ben Dunlap, DMD ’10; Dr. Matthew Carlisle, DMD ’08; Dr. Anna-Maria De Costa, MD/PHD ’06; Dr. Jackie Savage, MD ’09; Dr. Kristin Pitts, MD ’10; Dr. Beth Mclean, MD ’04

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