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Will Britt and Kyle Roach

Class Year: 1992
News: Dear Ole Wofford, Kyle Roach and I are sorry to report that we did not make it to Homecoming this year. Unfortunately, we had a prior commitment. In a fit of enthusiasm and beer on a camping weekend with John Critchfield (’92), we decided that what better way to celebrate our 20th reunion - and desperately cling to our youth - than to run a marathon for the first time. On October 28th, we ran the 37th Marine Corps Marathon in Washington, D.C. To say it was an experience of a lifetime is an understatement. Knowing that it was Homecoming weekend, we wanted to join our fellow alumni in spirit, so we decided to wear Wofford running shirts in the race. Unfortunately, we could not find any technical running shirts to purchase. Undaunted, we made our own. Throughout the race spectators yelled "Go Wofford" as we ran past. One woman actually screamed, "Go Wofford, I went to Furman!" Needless to say the Wofford screams helped carry us through the full 26.2 miles. We’ll do our best to make it to Homecoming in the future, unless, of course, there is an ultramarathon that weekend!Best wishes, Will Britt ’92 and Kyle Roach ’92P.S. We have a couple of other photos. I’ll send them along via email.

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