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Preparing for Graduate School

Many students struggle with choosing what type of graduate program is right for them. They also struggle with deciding whether to attend graduate school directly after graduating from Wofford or obtain work experience first. Carefully research the benefits obtained from the program, as well as the costs. Talk to business people and your professors; search the Internet. Find a job posting you are interested in, then study the requirements.

Course prerequisites for graduate schools vary. You should research the requirements for your particular choices. Calculus is a frequent requirement, as are a variety of business courses, such as accounting, finance, management information systems, management, and marketing.


MBA programs and Master of Accountancy programs require that you take the GMAT. Most schools set a certain minimum GMAT score for unqualified admission. Plan to prepare for and take the GMAT toward the end of your Junior year or the summer before your senior year if you are considering graduate school. Please visit the Accounting Major/Minor Moodle page for information about Master of Accountacy programs frequently attended by Wofford graduates.

Official GMAT Website

Accounting Major/Minor Moodle Page

Law School:

Law schools require that you take the LSAT. 

Official LSAT Website

Most programs require applicants to submit some form of reference. To obtain a reference from a faculty member, consider these tips:  

  • Develop a good relationship with faculty members. Responsible behavior and high quality performance are valued.
  • Provide detailed information for each reference letter sought (what is required, where to send it) and be certain to complete your portion of the form.
  • Provide the faculty person with a resume and a copy of your transcript or some other detailed listing of your accomplishments. Your transcript can be obtained from the Registrar's office.

**Remember: Apply to graduate school early if you hope to obtain financial assistance or graduate assistantships.**