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Investment Research Resources

www.valueline.com  Investment Research Information
www.bloomberg.com  Financial markets
www.finance.yahoo.com  Financial markets
www.reuters.com  Financial markets, ratio analysis
www.hoovers.com  Financial markets
www.finweb.com  List of finance web sites
www.moneycentral.msn.com  Financial markets
www.sec.gov  Corporate financial filings
www.contingencyanalysis.com  Risk management
www.investopedia.com  Stock simulator, education
www.motleyfool.com  Financial education, insights
www.bigcharts.com  Market charts
www.investorhome.com  Investor education
www.alibaba.com  Business outsourcing search
www.fisher.osu.edu/fin/  Links to financial info sources
www.economagic.com  Economics data
www.morningstar.com  Mutual fund data
www.wsj.com  Market Data
www.cnbc.com  Financial Markets
www.cme.com  Chicago Mercantile Exchange
www.moneychimp.com  Investment Education
www.google.com/finance  Financial Information
www.bankrate.com  Market Invest Rates
cxa.marketwatch.com/finra/bondcenter  Bond Screener
www.discoveroptions.com  Options Analysis
www.optonseducation.org  Options Analysis

Research Guidelines 

Investment Research Guideline I
Investment Research Guideline II 

Suggested Readings 

One Up on Wall Street by Peter Lynch
Beating the Street  by Peter Lynch
A Random Walk Down Wall Street by B. Malkiel
Just One Thing by J. Mauldin
Fooled by Randomness by N. Taleb
Beyond Greed and Fear by H. Shefrin
Unconventional Success by D. Swensen
Pioneering Portfolio Management by D. Swensen
Security Analysis by Graham and Dodd
The Snowball by A . Schroeder
The Gone Fishing Portfolio by A. Greene