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Student Profiles

Managing Partner


2017 photo of Drake McCormick Class of 2018  

Drake McCormick '18 
Managing Partner


Research Teams

Real Estate 

 2016 Malik Rivera Morris 

Malik Rivera Morris '18
Portfolio Manager

2017 Jarrett Bond Class of 2019  

 Jarrett M. Bond '19 
Research Associate

 2017 photo of Jared Henderson Class of 2018  

 Jared M. Henderson '18 
Research Associate

  2017 photo of Sergio Sum Munoz Class of 2020

 Sergio Sum Munoz '20
Research Associate





 2017 photo of Conrad Heinrich Class of 2019

 Conrad Heinrich '19
Research Associate

 2017 photo of Ryan Callari Class of 2018  

 Ryan G. Callari '18
Research Associate

 2017 photo of Morgan Lautner Class of 2018

Morgan N. Lautner '18
Research Associate 






Fixed Income

 2017 photo of Osborne Brown Class of 2018  

Osborne Brown '18 
Portfolio Manager

 2017 photo of McClain Bradley Class of 2018  

J. McClain Bradley '18
Research Associate

  2017 photo of L. Coker Edge Class of 2018

Laura Coker Edge '18
Research Associate

  2017 photo of Jack McDonald Class of 2019

Jack R. McDonald  '19
Research Associate 

 2017 photo of Alexandra Tampas Class of 2019   

 Alexandra L. Tampas '19
Research Associate 



 2017 photo of Kyler Stemen Class of 2018 

 Kyler Stemen '18  
Portfolio Manager

2016 Logan Miller       

Logan Miller '19
Asst. Portfolio Mgr. 

 2017 photo of Scott Hiler Class of 2018

 Kenneth S. Hiler '18
Research Associate

 2017 photo of Robert McLean Class of 2019  

 Robert F. McLean '19
Research Associate

2017 photo of Brandon Zamary Class of 2019   

Brandon M. Zamary '19
Research Associate




Program Coordinators 


2014 Philip Swicegood

Dr. Philip Swicegood

2014 Mike Merriman

Dr. Mike Merriman