Students studying outside the library

Finance Major Award Winners

Morgan N. Lautner, 2018
James Richard Fields, 2017
Alexander M. Kelly, 2016
Victoria A. DaSilva, 2015
Kane C. Sherrill, 2014
Cameron A. Kimber, 2013
Stuart D. Robertson, 2012
David H. King, 2011
E. Austin Webb, 2010
Austin M. Fitch, 2009
Santiago Mariani, 2008
Mark Reynolds, 2008
Elizabeth Wilson, 2007
Andrew Powell, 2007
Kathleen G. Sobczyk, 2006
Robert J. Lack, 2005
John W. Hackney, 2004
Kristin M. Burn, 2003
William R. Johnson, 2002
Derek Young, 2001
Erin Veazey, 2001
William M. Ponder, IV, 2000
Mary-Margaret Fitzhenry, 1999
Molly A. Smart, 1998
Elizabeth Bull, 1997
Billie H. McConnell, 1996
Nancy N. Vrooman, 1995
Kenneth J. Karpowicz, 1994
Bruce W. Neel, 1993
Gregory A. O'Dell, 1992
Joseph K. Davidson, 1991
Troy M. Cox, 1989
Hermann H. Nagelsmann, 1988

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