Dr. Hill and students

Awards, Scholarships, & Internships

Departmental Awards 
At the spring  honors convocation, an Accounting academic award and a Finance academic award are presented to an outstanding senior in each of these majors. The departmental professors select the recipients based on a variety of criteria including academic excellence. Plaques displaying all the recipients' names are in Suites 107 (Accounting winners) and 216 (Finance winners) in the Franklin W. Olin Building.

Past recipients:
Accounting Academic Award recipients
Finance Academic Award recipients 

Departmental Scholarships
The Harold W. Green Scholarship is awarded to a senior Accounting major each year. The late Professor Green was a beloved accounting professor at Wofford for over 20 years, retiring in 1986.  For information about this scholarship, contact Professor Gonz├ílez

Outside Scholarships
A variety of scholarships are available from professional organizations. Professors announce these as they learn of them. Students should maintain contact with professors and inquire about scholarships for which they qualify. 

  • The South Carolina Association of Certified Public Accountants (SCACPA) has several scholarships available to rising Junior and Senior Accounting majors.  For a complete listing and printable applications, click here! 


Statement on Non-Interim Term Internships

            The faculty members of the Department of Accounting and Finance recognize the importance of practical work experience in informing students of the demands of their chosen profession.  The work-place can be a meaningful laboratory for exploring interests, ideas, and issues of business ethics. 
            The practice of interning with business enterprises as a student can be an exciting and rewarding experience in the best of circumstances, and a tedious, disappointing experience if not properly administered.  We have learned from years of experience that the businesses that offer compensated internships tend to have greater expectations upon student performance, and as a result offer more rewarding experiences, than those that expect gratis internships.
             It is not the intent of the Department of Accounting and Finance to measure each internship, compensated and gratis, in terms of its merit to the learning experience of the student.  The constraints of time and place prohibit this.  Therefore, the Department neither endorses nor solicits specific internships.  Rather, we serve as a conduit to bring together students with internship interests, and businesses with a desire to serve future professionals.  When available, notices are displayed in a conspicuous place to inform students of opportunities.  Moreover, the Career Services Office posts opportunities when contacted by employers.  Although individual faculty members have in the past, and will continue to sponsor internship placements, they are solely at the discretion of the faculty member.

Accounting Majors

Accounting majors are encouraged to enroll in an accounting internship interim their junior or senior year. Although the student must secure the internship, the interim is under the auspices of Professor Ben Cartwright. Some Spartanburg firms routinely host a Wofford accounting major for interim. Consult with Professor Cartwright for ideas.

Professor Ben Cartwright
Dept. of Accounting, Business and Finance
Wofford College
429 N. Church St.
Spartanburg, SC 29302