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Getting to know...Jason Womick

Jason Womick’s nine-year old son Jake wrote a paper for school when he was in kindergarten. The topic he chose to write about wasn’t games he liked to play or things he liked to eat. The topic was the definition of a square root. Suffice it to say that education is big in the Womick family.

womick200Womick, the assistant vice president of informational management and institutional research at Wofford, is a ’94 graduate and Spartanburg native. He met his wife Alicia during his sophomore year. He got BA and BS degrees in math and computer science here, then went on to get a masters in education at South Carolina. She got a degree in math from nearby Converse College.

Womick taught at nearby Boiling Springs Junior High and then Broome High for a total of six years, then ventured into computers, working for a local manufacturing company’s IT department for almost seven years. When a program analyst job came open at Wofford two years ago, he didn’t hesitate to come back “home.”

“I believe that work has to be one of your passions because it takes so much time to do your job well,” says Womick. “I enjoy what I do. Being a math, computer science and education major, I get to do all three of those things in this job. Usually when you have that many interests, it’s hard to find a job that touches on all of them. It’s very exciting.”

Womick and his wife have three children, aged 9, 6 and 3 (the square root of nine). They love to play board games but they also enjoy the latest edition in the house…a wii. But grades come first.

“Education is pretty big, yes,” says Womick. “They do well in school. They say they want to come here for college and ride to school with me, in fact. I tell them ‘Sure, you go ahead and think that now.’”

Womick is active in his church, especially discipleship and education ministry. He enjoys a good novel when he can, recently Ted Dekker, and plays basketball at his church now and then. He’s a big football fan, with allegiances to both Wofford and South Carolina. But his favorite NFL team has given him the most joy lately...the Pittsburgh Steelers.

“We got our sixth ring, it was great,” he says.