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Getting to know...Jameica Hill

Chemistry chair and professor Jameica Hill remembers when she first got hooked on the charms of Wofford College. She was attending cheerleading camp here one summer during high school. In the fall of 1984, the Due West, S.C., native returned as a student, and became a cheerleader for the Terriers. She graduated in 1988.

hill180After a five-year stint in Clemson obtaining a PhD, she returned to Spartanburg in the fall of 1993, coming back to Wofford to stay.

“I think I have THE best job in the world,” she says. “I get to do something I love. I get to work with young adults. I get to show them how chemistry makes sense. And I get to do all of that and still have time to be a good mother at home.”

Why chemistry?

“It makes sense,” says Hill. “It’s so logical. Growing up I loved science and I loved math. Chemistry has both of those. It explains so many things in everyday life that people don’t realize. At home I’m always saying, ‘I can explain that in chemistry terms’ and my family is like, ‘Yeah, yeah, we know you can.’”

Chemistry may be a passion, but her family is Hill’s life. She says her 13-year old daughter and 12-year old son get along about as much as siblings at that age can.

“You know how it goes,” she laughs. “They’re either best friends or they are arguing with each other. We haven’t been able to find the middle ground yet.”
But the middle ground is something Hill has been able to find in her life. She says her family always preached balance, and she in turn preaches it to her own children.

“I grew up in a family that always saw the importance of academics and athletics,” she says. “Both of my parents were school teachers and my dad was a high school coach. I never knew that one existed without the other, and my husband is the same way. Our children have chosen to follow that same path. Both do well academically, and my son plays AAU basketball and will play junior high football next year while my daughter is a competitive cheerleader.” (Hill just returned from Disney World, where her daughter’s cheerleading team finished fifth in the world among teams representing 38 countries)

Hill, who was a standout in softball, basketball and cheerleading in high school, now works out at the Wofford Fitness Center two to three times a week. It helps make up for her most guilty pleasure.

“I am a 25-year veteran of Days of Our Lives,” she says, referring to the long-running daytime soap opera. “I got hooked on it while being babysat by grandmother, who watched it. Now I DVR it every day.”

Like sands through the hourglass, she also likes to put away Danielle Steel novels, as well as the currently popular Twilight series. Pleasure reading is “me time” she hasn’t had since before her children were born.

Hill’s quirkiest passion isn’t soap operas or romance novels, though. It’s elephants. Specifically, the collection of miniature elephants she has around her home and even her office at Wofford.

“It’s a sorority thing, Delta Sigma Theta,” she says. “I’ve got lots of elephants at home. As long as the trunk is pointed up and not down, I’ll take them.”