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Getting to know...Dr. Dave Pittman  

The term well-rounded was created for people like Dr. Dave Pittman.

Pittman, an associate professor of psychology at Wofford, is also coordinator for the program in Neuroscience and the faculty advisor for both Kappa Sigma fraternity and the Psychology Kingdom student organization.
He met his wife Sharyn while attending Wofford, racing from his 8:30 a.m. G-Chem lecture just so he could run into her on the steps in front of Old Main between classes. It took her three months to give in to his charms and go out on a date. They married three years later and have two children, son Taylor (7) and daughter Jenna (4).

While spending time with his wife and kids is currently his favorite hobby, Pittman is a man who has always juggled many interests at once.

An avid BMX racer and skateboarder at 12, he built his first half-pipe ramp in his parents’ backyard. At 16, he ran his first marathon, finishing first in his age group, and he's run several since. In high school he recorded a single, “Play it Kool,” as part of a rap group.

After Wofford he attended graduate school at Florida State University. It was a great place to be for a Jimmy Buffett fanatic. Fanatic may not be strong enough a word…Pittman has attended more than 30 Buffett concerts in six different states and attended nine of them in one summer alone. At FSU he was guitarist and lead singer of CoconutHead, a Buffett cover band, and is friends with Buffett’s lead guitarist, Peter Mayer. In fact, Mayer has visited Wofford three times and participated as guest lecturer in Pittman’s Songwriting Interim course.

His latest passion is Wofford football tailgating. He even has a website (webs.wofford.edu/pittmandw/tailgate) devoted to the cause, and enjoys the themes of each tailgate, such as Mardi Gras this season. Pittman organized and hosted a tailgate for faculty and families (more than 100 people) for last year’s playoff game featuring seafood from Capt. Tony’s.

He rode his bike to and from campus frequently during the summer, part of his training for a triathlon in 2009. Not bad for a guy who once broke three vertebrae in his neck and had to wear a halo for 90 days eight years ago.

But all of these interesting facets of his life pale in comparison to his favorite hobby, playing with his kids. Pittman plays soccer, baseball and football with Taylor, who dad says is already surpassing him in terms of athletic skills.

If you aren’t fortunate enough to have one of Pittman’s classes, introduce yourself to him at one of the tailgates. He’ll gladly share cheeseburgers in paradise with you there.