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Getting to know...Beth Wallace

Beth Wallace, Wofford’s director of health services and associate dean of students, has left her hometown of Atlanta twice to come to Wofford. The first time was as a student in 1978.

“Wofford had just gone co-ed,” she recalls. “At times it was difficult, as there were only 100 women on campus. But it was a growing experience and a really good thing for me to go through. I made really great connections with people like Dan Maultsby (then Wofford’s academic dean). He was a great mentor.”
Upon graduating in 1982, Wallace went back to Atlanta, where she attended nursing school at Emory. She was working at Emory University Hospital, six months pregnant with her third child, when Mike Preston (then dean of students), after talking to Maultsby, called in December of 1990. He asked Wallace if she would be interested in coming back up I-85 one more time.

“They wanted me to come back as the Nurse/Director of Health Services,” says Wallace. “I started in January of 1991 while I was eight months pregnant and I have been here ever since.”

Wallace works in the Hugh R. Black House. She actually lived there with her family for eight or nine years. It’s no wonder she feels so at home in her job.

“I love working with students,” she says (that's her with students Kristen Davis and Mychal Johnson, below right). “I love watching them perform, grow and mature. I’m currently in the middle of selecting orientation staff. I love working with students in that capacity and helping them implement programs and create things. I’m able to work with the best students in that capacity.

“The other side of my job, running health services, involves helping students who need assistance, whether it’s medical or counseling or disability services. I’m fortunate in that I get to balance both sides of it the way I am able to. It’s a good mixture.”
She also balances her job with her other passion in life, her family.

Wallace’s husband Tim (whom she met at Wofford) is the baseball coach at Spartanburg Methodist College and was drafted professionally in 1982. Their son played for Tim for two years but now plays collegiately in Florence, S.C. They have two daughters, one a current student at Wofford and one who will be in the fall. Wallace loves the fact that work and home now intertwine once again.

“It’s kind of nice now that some of that is bridging together,” she says.

When not attending a baseball game or watching Grey’s Anatomy with her daughters, Wallace is usually spinning pottery or outside in her garden. She loves anything outside, including hiking and water sports, although she leaves the athletic sports to the rest of the family.

“I’m not very athletic, as my family will attest,” she laughs. “But I’m the best cheerleader they’ll ever have.”

She also cheers for coffee and chocolate, “my two guilty pleasures,” and her two dogs.

“Dogs are so wonderful,” she says. “The unconditional love they give you makes them a big part of the family.”

Wallace has been a big part of the Wofford family for 31 years now. There are a lot more than 100 women on campus, but few who embody the Wofford spirit as well as she does.