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Getting to know...Angela Shiflet

Angela Shiflet, Chair and Larry Hearn McCalla Professor of Computer Science and Mathematics, has become a Wofford student’s best friend. Her internship program, built through contacts made while she served several internships herself, is placing students with national laboratories like those of NASA and the Department of Energy. It’s so successful that many students are getting jobs in these fields upon graduation.

“I feel like a matchmaker sometimes,” she laughs.

shiflet200What’s really funny is how she met her husband, fellow Wofford professor George Shiflet. No matchmaker was needed as the two of them had the same calculus class together while attending Furman.

“We sat in the back of the class and courted the whole time,” she recalls fondly. “We were just terrible. We talked ALL the time. Other students in the class would turn around and say ‘Shhhh!’

“Of course today, we would throw anybody out of our classes for behaving that way, but we had such a wonderful time together. We had this wonderful professor who would let us talk, too. But he liked to pull this trick on me where he knew I wasn’t paying attention, so he would ask a question and then call my name suddenly. All I would hear was my name, so I’d have to say I was sorry and admit that I didn’t hear the question. I pull that one on some of my students to this day.”

Angela and George have been inseparable since, going to graduate school for a while before finding themselves back in the Upstate…less than 25 miles from the site of that calculus class.

“Little did I know that it would be a career move,” says Angela about meeting in that class.

One of the things that Angela and George love to do is travel together. They have a favorite getaway place in the mountains with a screened in porch. Do they get out and explore nature? Well, yes, but not entirely.

“We love to sit next to each other on the porch with our laptops,” she laughs. “We’ve even been known to email each other while sitting there.”

That’s not unusual, though, for a couple that has written a book on computational science together.

Shiflet also loves to play the piano as well as attend operas, something the Shiflets were able to do four or five times during a recent trip to Europe.

Traveling comes naturally to Angela. Her own internships took her to places all over the country. She says they have helped her immensely in the classroom as they provide real life examples for her students. Some of those students then go out and get their own internships, and the cycle of academic life continues.

It’s a life that has brought Shiflet continuous joy. Who knew that when she registered for a calculus class as a college student, her entire life would be changed forever?

“You just never know,” she smiles. “George has enabled me to pursue my passions.”

Steering Wofford students toward success is one of those passions.