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AAAS Courses

The AAAS program requires 18 hours (six three-hour courses):

1. One theory course: Either ENGL 320, African American Literature, or SOC 307, W.E.B. DuBois and the Development of Black Sociology.

2. Four more courses from the following list, with not more than two, including the theory course, from the same department.

ARTH 241 African Art: Gender, Power, and Life-Cycle Ritual
ENGL 320 African American Literature
ENGL 330 Black Arts Movement
ENGL 340 African Literature
ENGL 358 Literature and Human Rights
HIST 307 History of the American South to the Civil War
HIST 308 History of the American South since the Civil War
HIST 316 Topics in African-American History
PHIL 331 African Philosophy
SOC 240 Race and Ethnic Relations.
SOC 305 The Sociological Wisdom of Martin Luther King Jr.
SOC 306 The Sociological Lessons of the Lifeand Times of Malcolm X
SOC 307 W.E.B. DuBois and the Development of Black Sociology

Special topics courses offered at the 480- or 490-level through the departments of Art History, English, Government, History, Philosophy, Religion, Sociology and Theatre may apply to the program with prior approval by the coordinator.