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Emerging Leaders Initiative (ELI)

Wofford has a long tradition of preparing women and men for ministry, both lay and ordained. Many Wofford students go on to attend the finest seminaries in the nation and the world. The Emerging Leaders Initiative (ELI) assists students in discerning their call to ministry, discovering their gifts and graces for ministry, and choosing the most appropriate path to fulfill their vision for ministry.  Student participants are eligible for scholarships and financial aid targeted especially for those who are exploring leadership in the church.

This exciting program provides students an opportunity to explore ministry and theological education while at Wofford. Participants have a mentoring relationship with Chaplain Robinson.

ELI takes its name from the Eli and Samuel story, which may be found in 1 Samuel 3:1-10.

ELI participants have internship opportunities, establish important relationships with the nation's best theological schools and divinity schools, explore their sense of call, and learn more about themselves, their strengths, gifts, passions and abilities.

Areas of Exploration

ELI participants have opportunities to engage in:

Spiritual Direction - meaningfully connecting the vocational discernment process with one's spiritual and/or religious development
Self-Awareness – experiences and assessments that enhance understanding of personal strengths, values and interests
Service - opportunities to develop an awareness of broader global and local needs and an understanding of how one can respond
Ministry Inquiry - opportunities for mentoring, internships and hands on learning
Vocational Discernment - an intentional process of discovery involving listening to one's life and identifying a sense of call
Theological Education - connect and collaborate with divinity schools and theological seminaries

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ELI participants come from a variety of denominations.  Wofford College is affiliated with the United Methodist Church.  The United Methodist Church sponsors 14 seminaries and divinity schools.  Click here to view the list of United Methodist Seminaries.

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