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Kappa Deltas are leaders all over Wofford's campus! Check us out!


Campus Union: 

Vice President: Sister Amanda Saca 

 Amanda Saca Campus Union 

Senior Class President: Sister 

At Large Delegates: Sisters Mary Frances Flowers and Callie Taylor 

Mary Frances Flowers Campus Union  Callie Taylor 


Orientation Staff: Several Orientation Staff Members are Kappa Deltas! 


Wofford Activities Council: 

Chairman: Sister Morgan Amick 

 Amick, Morgan 


Founder: Amanda Saca

 Amanda Saca Campus Union 

Wofford Coalition of the Arts: 

Co-Founder AND President: Mary Galphin

 Abroad2011 3 

Duck's Unlimited: 

Sponsorship Chair: Anne Breeden

Anne Breeden Junior 

Advertising Chair: Charlotte Gantt

 Charlotte Gantt Junior 

T-Shirt Chair: Anne Herlong

 Anne Herlong Junior 

Fun Funds Committee: 

Chairman: Mary Frances Flowers

 Mary Frances Flowers Campus Union 

 Wofford Ambassadors: 

Chairman: Sister 

College Republicans: 

Secretary Sister

Old Gold and Black 

Section Editor: Margaret Godowns

 Margaret Godowns Sophomore 

Campus and Community Involvement:  

Association of Multicultural Students: 

Charlotte Horney, Kackie Smith

College Republicans: 

Neely Bailey, Lizzy Frantz, Jennifer Fisher

College Democrats 

Valerie Fulton, Shelbey Holmes

Longitudinal Study Program: 

Catharine Ellerbe

Beta Beta Beta 

Morgan Amick

Newman Club 

Gussie Rhodes

Pre-Dental Society 

Wofford Ambassadors 

 Mary Kathryn Jolly, Dominique Cox, Jennifer Fisher, Amy Horton, Mallory Jones, Kelley Jones, Valerie Fulton, Margaret Godowns

Work Study 

Dominique Cox, Langley Altman, Mallory Jones, Morgan Amick


Kelley Jones

Psychology Kingdom 

Margaret Deans Fawcett, Dominique Cox, Elizabeth Garrison

Twin Towers 

Catharine Ellerbe

Success Initiative: 

Mary Galphin, Callie Taylor, Polly Alexander, Katherine Kelley

Student Alumni Association 

Jennifer Fisher, Meredith Corby

Math Academy: 

Courtney Walls, Pari Barr, Anne Herlong, Charlotte Gantt, Morgan Amick, Martha Walker

Tutor at Archadia: 

Kirby Stone

Wofford Activities Council (WAC): 

Polly Alexander, Langley Altman, Margaret Godowns, Kackie Smith, Amy Horton 

Fun Funds Committee:  

Margaret Deans Fawcett, Elizabeth Monroe, Anna Pritchard, Kelley Jones


AnneGriffin Patterson, Skylar Woodberry, Amy Horton

Spartanburg Humane Society: 

Dominique Cox

Women's Choir: 

Ann Spencer Lee

Chamber Singers and Gold Tones: 

Florence Snyder

Wofford College Coalition of the Arts: 

Mary Galphin, Amy Horton, Jennifer Fisher, Kate Conner, Anne Herlong, Anne Breeden

Smith Medical Clinic: 

AnneGriffin Patterson