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Teachers Talking Teaching Series

The CIL launched this series of pedagogical talks and discussions lead by Wofford faculty in the fall of 2015. We've invited our colleagues from a variety of departments to share their experiences with innovative classroom practices, pedagogical theories, and teaching experiences. The goal of the talks is to share with colleagues the classroom successes that all too often get overlooked.

The hyperlinks below will take you to recordings of the presentations. (Unfortunately, not all of our events are recorded/have recordings available.)

Fall 2017 Speakers

Wednesday, September 20, 3:30 pm - Roundtable discussion of Living and Learning Communities with Dr. Kimberly Hall and Dr. Peter Brewitt.

Wednesday, October 18, 3:30 pm in Olin 207A - Perry Henson about how to support students with disabilities.

Wednesday, November 29, 3:30 pm in Olin 207A - Roundtable showcase of digital pedagogy projects and assignments.

Spring 2017 Speakers

Dr. Brit Newman of the Modern Languages department will be sharing his thoughts and experiences on "Interim as Pedagogy Lab"

Dr. Bego˜na Cabellero-Garcia of the Modern Languages department will be sharing her thoughts and experiences on "Bringing 'Communities' to the Classroom Through Technology"

A roundtble discussion on "The Teaching Librarian," with guest speakers Emily Whitsell, Luke Meagher, and Tim Brown. 

Fall 2016 Speakers

Dr. Carol Wilson (English), "Advising as Teaching"

Dr. Jeremy Henkel (Philosophy), "From Wonder to Inquiry: Some Strategies for Fostering Class Discussion"

Dr. Matt Cathey (Math), "Video Lecture Road Test: Educations and Office Mix"

Spring 2016 Speakers and Events

Dr. Kim Rostan (English), "Interdisciplinarity, or, On Being a Pedagogical Omnivore"

Dr. Richard Wallace (Economics), "Decades of Change: Pedagogical Evolutions Over More Than 30 Years at Wofford" 

Roundtable Discussion with members of the Faculty Learning Community on Digital Pedagogy & ePortfolios at Wofford

Fall 2015 Speakers

Dr. Anne Rodrick (History), "Empathy Writing in the Western Civ Classroom” 

Dr. John Miles (English), "Critical Pedagogy, Student Agency and Reflection” 

Dr. Camille Bethea (Modern Languages, Literatures, and Cultures), "LACS: Two Decades of Interdisciplinary Work at WoCo"