Group of Wofford Students

The CCBL Mission

Wofford’s Center for Community-Based Learning (CCBL) is the primary coordinating structure for advancing campus-wide community engagement, supporting Wofford’s strategic vision of “preparing superior students for meaningful lives as citizens.”

The CCBL is the connective tissue between Wofford and its surrounding communities – facilitating, deepening, connecting and championing trust-based, mutually beneficial, sustainable campus/community collaborations that: 

  • Enrich teaching, learning, scholarship, innovation and research
  • Strengthen democratic values and civic responsibility
  • Prepare effective, informed, engaged citizens; and
  • Address critical societal and environmental issues, contributing to the common good.

The CCBL creates what Ernest Boyer (1998) called, “a special climate in which the academic and civic cultures communicate more continuously and creatively with each other.”