Wofford Students with a group of kids

Community-Engaged Faculty Fellows

Sixteen faculty members (about 10% of Wofford’s faculty) have been named Community-Engaged Faculty Fellows for 2017-18. They have each committed to developing or strengthening academic community engagement with their students. Their courses or programs will include:

A strong collaboration with one or more community partner organization - jointly developing goals (for both community and students), designing and implementing the course and sharing assessment data;
Articulated civic learning outcome goals for the students; and
Frequent, structured and unstructured metacognitive reflection.

The 2017-18 Community-Engaged Faculty Fellows are:

  • Dr. Laura Barbas-Rhoden
  • Dr. Camille Bethea
  • Dr. Kara Bopp
  • Dr. Begona Caballero
  • Dr. Christine Dinkins
  • Dr. Cissy Fowler
  • Dr. Kimberly Hall
  • Dr. Jeremy Henkel
  • Professor Jenny Johnson Bem
  • Dr. Jim Neighbors
  • Dr. Britt Newman
  • Dr. Kim Rostan
  • Professor Jessica Scott-Felder
  • Dr. Phillip Stone
  • Dr. Amy Telligman
  • Dr. Gerald Thurmond

 As the Librarian Consultant to Community-Engaged Faculty Fellows (CEFFs), Luke Meagher will consult with CEFFs interested in applying digital technologies to their community engagement projects, with specific regard to digital archiving and project sustainability, managing data or datasets, choosing platforms, and tools.